Freeport, MN City Code

The current city code for Freeport, MN.

License, Consumption and Permit Fees

The license, consumption and permit fees, as well as other related charges
Code Section Subject Fees/Charges Sales Tax
500 Zoning Permit 25.00 N
Building Permits see attached Building Code Fee Schedule N
Rezoning Requests 250.00 N
Conditional Use or Variance Requests 150.00 N
605.07 Noxious Weed Removal (minimum) 95.00 Y
Equipment Use Fees Tractor, mower and labor (hourly) 90.00
Lawn tractor/Lawn Mower and Labor (hourly) 60.00
2010.07 Nuisance Response (minimum) 95.00 Varies
Equipment Use Tractor, Mower and Labor (hourly) 90.00
Lawn Tractor/Lawn Mower and Labor (hourly) 60.00
705.06 Private Drain Discharge Violation Surcharge (per month) 75.00 N
710.03 Wastewater Usage Charge, per 1,000 gallons 1.30 N
Wastewater Service Charge, (per month) Single Family Dwelling 15.65
Multiple Family Dwelling, $4.00 per unit plus 15.65
Residential Sewer with no water meter 22.34
Business/Commercial Establishment 18.00
Manor Apartments 90.65
Large Commercial (i.e. service station, church, creamery) 19.18
Liquor Stores, On/Off Sale 22.00
Restaurants 42.64
Convenience Stores/Car Wash 22.43
Schools 30.65
Commercial with no water meter 20.50
Wastewater Main-Stub out Charge (per parcel) 3,800.00
Wastewater Hook-up Charge (per parcel) 1200.00
Wastewater Bulk Dumping Fee 25.00
715.01 Water Usage Charge (per 1,000 gallons) 2.95 Commercial - Y
Water Service Charge (per month) 7.00 Residential - N
Water Tower Debt Service Fee (per equivalent dwelling unit) 20.00
Water Main-Stub out Charge (per parcel) 3,800.00
Water Hookup Charge (per parcel) 1200.00
Hydrant Water Sales (per 1,000 gallons) 10.00
Water Reconnection Fee 50.00
Water Disconnection Fee 50.00
Water Testing Fee 0.45
Water Meter Change actual cost of meter
Water/Sewer Account Update 15.00
Water Account/Meter Investigation 20.00
710.03 Utility Late Payment Fee 15.00 plus 5% of monthly balance unpaid
715.03 Water Security Fee 0.75
715.03 Utility Labels (full or partial set) 35.00
9xx Fire & Rescue Responder (per hour, per student) 15.00
Oxygen 15.00
Gloves 5.00
Bandages 5.00
Splints 5.00
Defibrulator 25.00
Suction 15.00
Blankets 10.00
Cold Compress 2.00
Air Bags 25.00
Jaws (Extraction) 25.00
Generator 25.00
Vehicle Fee (Pumper #1, Pumper #2, Water Truck, Brush Truck, Rescue Van (per vehicle responding) 150.00
910 Pets-Boarding, per day 8.00
Animal license fee 5.00
Animal impounding fee 1st time 50.00
2nd time 75.00
3rd time 100.00
Animal disposal fee 75.00
1100.11 Park Rental Fee-Lions Club Park, daily (shelter/gazebo area) 35.00 Y
1200.07 Intoxicating Liquor & Beer On-Sale Liquor 2,345.00 N
Off-Sale Liquor 100.00
Special Sunday Sales 200.00
Temporary On-Sale Liquor 25.00
Temporary On-Sale 3.2 Beer 15.00
3.2 Annual On-Sale 200.00
Charitable Gambling Transaction Fee 25.00
Small Cities Development Program Transaction Fee 300.00
Map Request 10.00
Map Creation 50.00
Administrative Staff Time (hourly) 85.00
Copying Charges (per page) 0.25
Special Assessment Search 10.00
Blanket Easement Vacation Fee Per Actual Cost
Milage Reimbursement Current I.R.S. Rate
Driveway Aprons and Curb and Gutter Per Actual Cost

Industrial Park Purchase and Business Subsidy Interest Security Deposit of $5000.00 and per actual cost (difference refunded or due). Street Reconstruction, per the Manual of Assessment Standards and Policies Revised 1997 Annexation Request Fee Security Deposit of $1,000 and per actual cost (difference refunded or due).

City of Freeport, MN

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